All Star Programs

Cheer Force One is home to the CF1 All Stars!

The CF1 All Stars program is designed to help youth work in a team environment, work through challenges, overcome obstacles, and grow as an individual and a teammate. Our athletes are trained in tumbling, jumps, stunts, and dance to compete against other All Star teams throughout the Southeast and on the national level. The program is open to boys and girls ages 4 and up with all levels of experience. This program kicks off in May each year.

2021-2022 CF1 All Stars

Our 2021-2022 All Star season is almost here!  If you are interested in information, please complete the form below:



  1. Request an All Star Packet.  The All Star packet gives you an overview of the All Star program and commitment.  You can request a packet by clicking the link above to receive the packet.  The All Star packet includes general information about All Stars, commitment level, pricing, and more.  If any of your questions aren't answered, you'll be able to follow up with the All Star Director for more information.

  2. Become a Member of Cheer Force One.  If you are new to Cheer Force One, you will need to register as a member before you can schedule your evaluation.  Once you have created an account, you will be able to use the Parent Portal to schedule your All Star Evaluation.

  3. Schedule your Evaluation for May 21st or May 22nd (available starting May 1st).  Each prospective All Star must schedule an evaluation before being placed on a team.  All evaluations are scheduled directly through the Parent Portal.


The Rising Stars All Star program is a half-season option to give individuals a taste of the All Star experience. This program differs from the CF1 All Star program by having less time commitment, less financial commitment, and less travel commitment. This program is open to boys and girls ages 4-14. This program kicks off in the Fall each year.