We are working hard to ensure a safe environment for our members.  We will cautiously continue to update these protocols as needed.

  • Arriving - Only students who are enrolled in a class going on are permitted inside the facility.  No parents, siblings, or friends are permitted.  Students should only bring in a water bottle (no bags, phones, etc.).

  • Pre-screening - For the safety of our staff and students, we have a pre-screening process for all participating students.  We check temperatures with a no-touch thermometer to make sure there is no fever.  We ask a series of questions about contact and current health.  We have hand sanitizer for every student as they enter the building.  As a precaution, our coaches and staff also go through this pre-screening process.

  • Social Distancing - From the time students enter to when they enter the holding area, step onto the cheer floor, exit the cheer floor, and exit the building, all students and coaches are separated by at least 6 feet.

    • Effective July 2020 - Parents have the option to opt-in to an updated policy permitting coaches to spot skills in tumbling classes and participate in stunting in team practices.  This change to our policy is the next step in a return to our former program standards and is in line with the CDC recommendations.  Parents who choose not to opt-in will continue to receive instruction as it has been serviced prior to this policy update.

  • Bathrooms, Water Fountains, Vending Machines - To limit exposure, we ask students to please take care of necessary personal needs prior to entering the facility.  We also recommend students to bring a water bottle from home.

    • Effective July 2020 - The bathroom, water fountains, and vending machines will be cleaned in high touch areas at least every two hours.

  • Masks - Masks are not required of students.  Masks are worn by all staff.

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