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Cheer Force One is working hard to make sure our operations are conducive to local, state, and federal requirements.  In light of restrictions placed on the gym, we are currently offering opt-in style classes and placing our monthly membership plans on hold.

GYM PROTOCOLS: Since our reopening, we have implemented additional cleaning and gym protocols to keep our students and staff as safe as we can.  If you have questions about our protocols, feel free to use the "Contact Us" tab to reach out before enrolling in Soft Launch classes or registering.


FORMER STUDENTS: Follow the directions below to register and pay for your Soft Launch classes (no payments are being handled in person at this time).  We will continue to add classes as we are able. Because the current situation is very dynamic and adjustments are needed from time-to-time, we are only scheduling classes one week at a time.  We thank you for your patience while we continue to rebuild our programs!


To sign-up for your Soft Launch Classes:

  • Login to the Parent Portal

  • Click the "Events" tab

  • View all available Soft Launch classes

  • Enroll in the class/classes that work for you

  • Visit the Dashboard to see your balance

  • Click "Pay Now" to complete your enrollment

NOTE: All classes are non-recurring.  Signing up for a particular class is only a commitment for that particular day/time of that particular class.  You will not be billed any additional fees.  You can repeat the process to sign up for additional Soft Launch classes as they are available.


NEW STUDENTS: Click "Register Now" at the top of this page to complete an online registration form.  Your information will be sent to the front desk who will contact you to schedule an individual evaluation time.  The Evaluation will help us determine the best Soft Launch classes for your child.  Once evaluated, you will be able to access the Parent Portal to register for your Soft Launch Classes.


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