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For a limited time, we are offering SCHOOL CHEER DROP-IN CLASSES!  These are offered to help 7th-12th grade students get their tumbling ready for tryouts in the Spring.  These classes can be found under the "Events" section of the Parent Portal.  Sign up for one or all of them - your choice!

School Team Programs

Our School Training Program is offered to school cheerleading teams who are looking to soar to new heights! We offer several services to help teams reach their goals.  Whether you are looking for a year-long training option or just a one-day option, we’re here to help you reach your full potential as a team.



Here is a list of some of the most popular ways we can help your team.  We do our best to match our services to our school teams' needs, so please let us know if there's something you need.  If we can't provide it, we might know someone who can!  Our goal is to make your season the best season it can be!

  • Weekly Training: We offer weekly training service to teams who are interested in continuing to develop skills throughout their season.

  • Clinics: We offer one-day clinics for teams who are looking for a boost in their skill sets.  We cater each clinic to the specific needs of the team, including tumbling, stunt, jump, conditioning, and even pep rally preparation.  If there is something specific you need, let us know!  We do our best to accommodate each team’s requests.

  • Camps: We offer multiple-day camps for teams who want to keep their training affordable.  Camps can be designed to be skill-specific, cheer-specific, or a mixture of both.  Let us know what you’re looking to get out of your experience, and we’ll make sure it happens.

  • Choreography: Whether you are looking for a few 8-counts to prepare for a camp or pep rally or you need a full custom routine with music, we’ve got you covered!  Give us a call to discuss the details.

  • Custom Music: If you're looking for Pep Rally, Competition, or other mixes to make your performances stand out, we've got the options for you that won't break the bank!  Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to match any budget you may have.  All mixes provided are 100% USA Cheer compliant.

  • Signs, Flags, & Banners: If you need props to help you stand out on the sidelines or on the competition floor, we can help!  We offer design and print services for teams!

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